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Display Ads

Storefronts/Promotions/Popular product
Linked to storefront page, promotion page and product detail page

Consumer interest

Real-time bidding
Pay when your ads is clicked (CPC)
Pay for clicks, not impression

Why Amazon Display Ads

Every day millions of people come to Amazon to research, discover, and buy products as well as watch videos, listen to music, and more. We're passionate about our customers and focus on making their experience the best it can be. Display advertising is part of that experience.

That's why we use billions of real day-to-day customer journeys to inform our custom display advertising solutions. The results:

For customers, more precise and relevant ads, enhancing their experience
For advertisers, delivery of the right message to the right shopper at the right time

How it Works


Log into your seller central;
Click the "advertising" tab on the top of the page;
Fill in your credit card details.
(If you are already a registered user of "Amazon Sponsored Products" , you do not need to register again.)

Create Ads

Choose the display area you want and target consumers;
Upload your advertising ideas or choose one generated by the system to create your ads;
Once uploaded, we will review your ads in three business days. If it is approved, it will be displayed. Otherwise we will email you what needs to be revised.

Data Analysis

We will provide real-time data for your reference so that you can adjust your bidding strategy promptly.


Real-time bidding on consumer interest; 
Pay for clicks;
Fees billed on the credit card registered under your account;
Charges will be listed clearly.

Various Display Areas to Choose

* Seller Central sign in required

* * Pay for clicks and receive separate invoices. For other promotional fees, the standard charge will apply.