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Amazon Sponsored Products


Amazon Advertising is the advertisement that help you to promote items on Amazon China. You only need to select the products you want to promote, assign keywords  and set your bid. "Amazon Advertising" will appear in the search result when customerss search your keywords. Customer will be taken to your item description page by clicking on your "Amazon Advertising" product. You will be charged for each click.

"Amazon Advertising" will give you more initiatives in Amazon China selling and let you gain more page view rate on your items pages after fulfilling with the keywords and bidding requirements. You will only be charged for each click to your product page.

"Amazon Advertising" will be displayed in many locations in search result, and Amazon will add more display placements in near future.

You can advertise all products except for books, music and movies.

No. Only offers in the Buy Box are eligible for displaying.

Create Ads

Select the products you want to advertise from your existing listings on Amazon China, assign keywords and set your bid. You can manage your ads in Campiagn Management on the Advertising tab in Seller Central. There you can also track the results of you ads.

Products where you have a special offer or products that you want to display when shoppers search for a particular keyword.

In categories apart from Books, Music and Movies.

When shoppers click on your ad they will be taken to the product detail page.

No. Your ad can display only when your offer is already listed on the detail page in the Buy Box.

We do not support Books, Music, TV and Movies.


We use a cost-per-click, auction based pricing model. You set the maximum cost that you are willing to pay when a shopper clicks on an ad for your product. The more competitive your bid , the more likely your ad will be displayed when a shopper searches for one of your keywords.

At this point, we only accept credit card payments. A prepay service will be provided soon. We will charge your credit card for the cost associated with the clicks on your ads.

At this point, we only accept credit card payments. Once you are charged, a transaction will appear in your account and in your bank statement. At the end of each calendar month, a statement will be generated. 

To avoid frequent credit card charges, we will only charge you when your advertising fees reach a certain level. The default credit level is 50 yuan after registering your seller account. We may continue to adjust your credit level based on your activity and daily budget. For example, if you consistently reach your credit level, we may increase your credit level to ensure that you are not charged frequently. Credit levels are set at 150 yuan, 200 yuan, 350 yuan and the maximum level is 500 yuan. 

After you enable your seller account, we will charge you when you accrue your first 1 yuan. This allows us to validate your credit card details.

You need to set a daily budget for each ad to be displayed. The amount you enter is the average daily amount you are willing to spend over a calendar month period. For example, if you set your daily budget at 1,000 yuan, the total budget for that calendar month is 31,000 yuan and you may receive up to 31,000 yuan worth of clicks in that calendar month (assuming a full 31 day month). At the end of each month, we will ensure that the average daily value of your advertising spending will not exceed your desired daily amount. However, on any given day, you can spend less or more than your actual daily budget. For example, if your budget is 1,000 yuan and you receive 500 yuan worth of clicks on the 1st day of the month, you may receive up to 1,500 yuan worth of clicks on the 2nd day of the month. This would bring your total spend over 2 days to 2,000 yuan, which is in line with your daily budget.

Amazon Display Ads


It is an effective and innovative advertising solution provided by Amazon. It allows you to create ads based on your own innovative ideas and set up your desired landing page and is displayed to  Amazon customers. It is different from search advertising in that it is not based on keywords only (soon we’ll have keyword-based display advertising), but also on customers’ browsing history and interests. Therefore, you can display your ads to targeted customers. You can also use the data generated to analyze the performance and effectiveness of your ads.

Register and Verification

Log onto Seller Central, click the Advertising tab and fill in your credit card information. The information you provide should be accurate and complete. Otherwise, you cannot complete your registration. When you are successfully registered, we will send you an email for verification. If you are already a registered user for Amazon Sponsored Products, you do not need to register again.

Get Started

It can help boost customers' awareness of your product and thereby stimulating sales. It can promote your products to potential customers. You can customize your ads according to customers' interest. Apart from this, we will also provide a data analysis report, including the number of display and clicks, the sales generated and the cost of each ad, etc., so that you can better evaluate the performance of your ads.

Only ads that meet Amazon Advertising policy can pass the review. 
It might because there are inappropriate language or images in your ad, or your ad fails to meet other requirements. You can revise your ad following the guidelines provided and resubmit your ad. We'd be pleased to reprocess your request.

To ensure that only proper content is displayed on Amazon, all ads need to go through several screening processes. Please wait patiently and we will review your ads in three business days. The result will be sent to the email address you used to register.

To be displayed, your ads have to meet the following requirements: Comply with the advertising policy and pass the review;
Win the Buy Box;
Win the bid;
If the above requirements are met and you still cannot see your ads, please do not worry. Display ads are different from search ads. Because it is based on customers' browsing history and interest, it can only be displayed to potential customers.

You can click the Cancel tab in the Status Bar.

Pricing and Payment

You only pay for clicks. The bid you set is the maximum cost that you are willing to pay for each click, and the amount accumulated will not exceed your daily budget. The actual cost per click will be calculated based on real-time bidding. Even after your ads are displayed, you can still manage your bidding and daily budget (only increase bid). At this point, we only take credit card payments. It is the same with that of Amazon Sponsored Products.

There might be different reasons. For example, Your bid is too low. In this case, we recommend that you increase your bid.
The targeted customers you set are too limited to generate enough clicks to use up your budget.
The frequency of display you set can also affect the number of click and viewing of your ads.

Overall, we cannot ensure that your ads can have enough clicks to use upyour budget. In any given circumstances, we will only charge you when your ads are clicked (the lowest cost per click is 0.1 yuan).


We will need time to collect and analyze data. It is natural to have some delay. Please wait patiently. The analysis report will be out in three days.

To ensure good shopping experience, we advise that you take down the ad immediately. After restocking, you can recreate your ad. 

You can contact us at any time. We are always here to help.
Please prepare information about your browser version and the operating system of your computer beforehand (for example, Firefox version 17, Mac OSX).  

* Seller Central sign in required

* * Pay for clicks and receive separate invoices. For other promotional fees, the standard charge will apply.