Make Amazon Customers Your Customers

Selling Fees

Before Feb 1st, 2018, Selling fees include referral fees and one-time deposit fees.
There are no upfront costs for selling on Amazon China. Sellers only pay a referral fee on each item sold. 
Deposit Fees: A one-time, fully refundable collateral to guarantee the authenticity of your products.

CategoryDepositReferral Fees

Grocery, Major Appliances, Camera, Electronics, Mobile Electronics, Office Product, PC, Wireless

50,000 RMB /about 8,000 USD8%
Beauty, Health Personal Care30,000 RMB /about 4,800 USD8%
Apparel, Automotive, Home, Home Improvement, Kitchen, Luggage, Shoes, Sports10,000 RMB /about 1,600 USD10%
Baby Product, Toy30,000 RMB /about 4,800 USD10%
Musical Instrument-10%
Watch10,000 RMB /about 1,600 USD12%
Pet Products30,000 RMB /about 4,800 USD12%
Jewelry10,000 RMB /about 1,600 USD15%

* Accessories revenue share of PC, Wireless, Electronics, Mobile Electronics and Office Product will be adjusted to 12%. (exceptions are USB disk, Memory card, Mobile hard disk, Card reader, CPU, RAM, Mother board, Video card, Monitor, Network equipment, Printing paper and Camera lens, revenue share of list above remain 8% unchanged)

Effective Feb 1st, 2018, Amazon deducts the greater of the applicable referral fee percentage or applicable per-item minimum referral fee.
Referral Fees:Sellers pay a referral fee on each item sold. Items in several categories have a per-item minimum referral fee as listed below (sellers pay the greater of the referral fee or the per-item minimum referral fee). 

CategoryDeposit(1 USD≈6.5 RMB)Referral Fee Percentages
(tax inclusive)
Applicable Minimum Referral Fee
(tax inclusive)
Books20,000RMB/about 3,000USD12%3.9 RMB /0.6  USD
Health Personal Care30,000RMB/about 4,600USD8%6 RMB /0.9  USD
Beauty30,000RMB/about 4,600USD8%8 RMB /1.2  USD
Toy30,000RMB/about 4,600USD10%5 RMB /0.8  USD
Baby Product30,000RMB/about 4,600USD10%7 RMB /1.1  USD
Wine50,000RMB/about 7,700USD10%5 RMB /0.8  USD
Grocery50,000RMB/about 7,700USD8%5 RMB /0.8  USD
Major Appliances50,000RMB/about 7,700USD4.5%43 RMB /6.6  USD
Wireless50,000RMB/about 7,700USD4%91 RMB /14  USD
Camera50,000RMB/about 7,700USD4.5%28 RMB /4.3  USD
Electronics 50,000RMB/about 7,700USD4.2%50 RMB /7.7  USD
Mobile Electronics50,000RMB/about 7,700USD4.2%27 RMB /4.2  USD
PC50,000RMB/about 7,700USD4.2%57 RMB /8.8  USD

Accessories of Wireless, Mobile Electronics,
Major Appliance *

50,000RMB/about 7,700USD12%5 RMB /0.8  USD

Accessories of Camera, PC, Electronics *

50,000RMB/about 7,700USD12%6 RMB /0.9  USD
Office Product50,000RMB/about 7,700USD8%5 RMB /0.8  USD

Accessories of Office Product *

50,000RMB/about 7,700USD12%4 RMB /0.6  USD
Musical Instrument-10%6 RMB /0.9  USD

Home Improvement

10,000RMB/about 1,500USD10%7 RMB /1.1  USD
Sports, Automotive10,000RMB/about 1,500USD10%8 RMB /1.2  USD
Apparel, Kitchen10,000RMB/about 1,500USD10%9 RMB /1.4  USD
Shoes, Luggage10,000RMB/about 1,500USD10%11 RMB /1.7  USD
Watch10,000RMB/about 1,500USD12%19 RMB /2.9  USD
Jewelry10,000RMB/about 1,500USD15%6 RMB /0.9  USD
Gold and Silver Bars10,000RMB/about 1,500USD5%-

*  CE, Black Appliance, Major Appliance and Office Product list, please click for reference.