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The following companies offer various services for international sellers. You are welcome to contact them directly by e-mail and ask for service details.

Custom Clearance and Fulfillment Service Provider

ECMS is a technology-driven express company focusing on cross-border e-Commerce express solutions and fulfillment services. With the deep know-how of e-Commerce world and unique capability of cross-border customs solutions, ECMS has established strategic partnership with well-known marketplaces worldwide. The company's operations and service network covers the United States, Europe, Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. ECMS’s strategic goal is to reduce the complexity in cross-border e-Commerce logistics and largely improve the logistics experience for both e-Sellers and buyers.

Translation Providers

Transn is a translation service provider for e-commerce. The company now has 800 full time employees, managing over 30 thousand translators around the world. In total, Transn has processed over 8.5 billion words. The vision of the company is to become a virtual translation service provider for clients, helping them communicate with the world in their mother tongues.

Youdao is a subsidiary of NetEase. With the technical advantage of being a search engine, Youdao has positioned itself as a multilingual service provider and expanded its business rapidly. The language service provided by the company centers around dictionary and translation. Its products include Youdao dictionary, machine translation and human translation service. The number of users of Youdao Dict has breached 550 million. The company now has more than 5000 professional translators, 500 proofreaders and 150 experts in technical and customer support. It has provided service for more than 780 thousand customers. The daily translation requests received are 170 million.

Payment Solution

Lianlian Pay is a 3rd party payment company licensed by PBOC and SAFE. We offer innovative and secure payment products and solutions for partners and merchants to fulfill business requirements.
By partnering with global leading financial institutions like PayPal, World First, Apple, etc., Lianlian Pay has proven itself to be one of the choices as the China 3rd party payment partner for the companies who aspire to gain China market with its relentless pursuit of business growth.

  • Founded in 2004 and has 350+ payment experts
  •  Headquarter is based in Hangzhou, and branch offices are in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen
  • Solution offering includes RMB acquiring, RMB split settlement, cross border RMB settlement, cross border foreign currency settlement, corporate wallet, O2O merchant services, etc
  • No.2 largest in-app payment services provider and No.4 largest entire mobile payment service provider in China
  • Over RMB 230 billion transaction volume in 2015

Payoneer, an innovative cross-border payment platform, has promoted the development of global e-commerce, through connecting companies, experts, countries and their currencies. In today's digital era, Payoneer's operation covered over 200 countries, providing its cross-border payment service. It helps millions of companies and professionals venturing into the new markets. By using the quick, flexible, secure and low cost solutions provided by Payoneer, companies and experts in developed as well as emerging markets can make and collect payments around the world as easily as doing business locally.